2. Oct, 2014

Latest news 02/10/14

Hi everyone

There are some great things to look forward to in the coming months.

Early October sees Led Zep aficionados and diverse rockers The Randy Doorholes and jazzy funksters Alice in Grooveland entertain us this weekend (Oct. 4/5)

The following weekend (Oct 11/12)  on Saturday an unique event where local lad Luke Hunter aka Skinshrink will perform an original, never before heard, set Farina Populus exclusively for the Music Mill.  Luke will perform a gig of electronica/guitar, think Mike Oldfield via Squarepusher/Aphex Twin He has been creating this piece in the last couple of months after being discovered at a recent MaxNiks open mic night. This is a purely instrumental night.
Mellow Sunday will see a bluesy afternoon with the virtuoso Oliver Darling & Marco Farris playing songs in the style of early Browny McGee and Sonny Terry and Muddy Waters.

Later in the month the extraordinary JD & the Longfellows with their brand of harmony-rich violin-driven skiffle and musical folk theatre should be a pleaser.
We're also thrilled by the return of favourites Bruise and the debut of Steve Morrison at the Music Mill.
Bruise will be returning later in the year and we are very happy to annouce further dates from We Ghosts

Check On @ Music Mill at the top of the page for future details and don't forget MaxNik's Open Mic Nite last Thursday of every month.

Cheers for now