22. Oct, 2014

Latest news 22/10/14

Hi Music Millers

The last couple of weeks have seen a diverse mix of electronica, blues, folk and "cocktail skiffle" to tantalise your eardrums. 

Coming up this weekend 25/10 the blues mastery of Steve Morrison (inset), quote Music Magazine  “In a better world this man would already be a legend.” Should be a real treat.

Next Thursday (30/10) dont forget the increasingly popular MaxNiks Open Mic night. Come and play your own songs and jam with some lovely musicians. 
Due to demand the Open Mic nights are going to be fortnightly from mid December. So watch this space and look out for website updates.

November sees the ever popular Happninboy (01/11) and a change of act the following Saturday. Candytree have sadly pulled out but have been replaced by the return of the excellent Dust me Down Blues Band (08/11)

Later in November we have the thrilling We Ghosts the fruity blues of Canary Wolf back and also another blues officianado Dan Nash. Finishing the month the fabulous Be Sharp

Future debutants to look out for at the Music Mill, Hi Fi Sneakers, Tasha (of Powers Band) & Tess, OCD and pleased to have recently booked The BeauBowBells for a folky classical feast.

Check On @ Music Mill at the top of the page for future details.

Cheers G&P