14. Jun, 2015

Jessie Pie & The Thorn

Jessie Pie and the Thorn warmed up a dreary cold day in old Plumstead town yesterday. A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of Glastonbury and Summer festival magic. Jessica's vocal range was quite stunning and wide-ranging from Nancy Sinatra to Kate Bush's "Wow" (with required windmill arm movements), not an easy song to sing. Apt as well considering Kate used to drink locally in the Prince Rupert (RIP). Fortunately a punter popped in for a cheeky one and Jessica sang the song to him, much to his clear enjoyment. I bet he's still smiling. Jessica was backed up by some lovely warm Gretsch vibrato guitar playing plus a young Italian male smouldering in the corner on percussion, very good they were too. They hated Blackheath which went down well, not realising as a North London band, that in Plumstead we rarely leave our postcode. Who says things from North London and Chiswick (the smouldering one) cant be good? They will be back, they like Plumstead and Plumstead likes them.

Phil Windeatt